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DWS is a leading eCommerce website development company in Noida with great emphasis on quality such that our customers can make the most of their online business.

We have been part of this industry for a long time and thus we have served a number of customers since our operation.

What is eCommerce web development services?

Electronic commerce is a term which is broadly used for any type of business that uses information transfer across the internet.

An eCommerce website can be of various types such as music or auction sites, the marketplace, consumer-oriented retail sites to name a few. E-commerce is certainly one of the aspects that are quite trending on the internet.

Therefore, development of such kind of eCommerce websites is known as eCommerce web development.

Hence, if you want to run your online business successfully and if you live in and around Delhi NCR, then it is very important that you hire a reputed Ecommerce website development company.

Ecommerce Web Portal Development Company in Noida

What are the benefits of an eCommerce website development?

A lot of benefits comes along with an eCommerce website. Some of them has been mentioned down below:-

  • It can help to overcome geographical limitations.
  • Great discounts are offered to the consumers as the middlemen are eliminated.
  • Products/services are accessible round the clock i.e. 24/7/365
  • Cost, as well as travel time, can be easily reduced.

What are the eCommerce website business models that we serve?

We serve the following E-commerce web development model:-

B2B ( Business to Business model)

B2B eCommerce model is the buying, selling and trading of services and goods via an online sales portal between the businesses. The transaction that takes place is rather rational than impulsive as both the parties are involved as business entities.

Some of the examples of B2B model are software companies, office supply, and furniture companies, document hosting companies to name a few.

B2C ( Business to customer model)

B2C is the deepest eCommerce market and you will find prominent eCommerce sites in this category. B2C is the traditional retail model in which a business sells to individuals.

But, the only difference is that the business is conducted online rather from a physical store.

Some of the examples of B2B websites are Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

C2C ( Customer to customer model)

With the rise of the eCommerce sector as well as the growth in the consumer confidence, the C2C websites allow the customers to buy, trade and sell the items in exchange for a small commission.

Some of the examples of C2C eCommerce websites are eBay, Craigslist, OLX, etc.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is also commonly known as m-commerce. It is the advancement of eCommerce in which users can sell or purchase services/goods from any geographical location using a tablet device or a mobile phone.

Examples are Mobile commerce are mobile market, digital wallet etc.

What are the eCommerce development platforms that we use?

We use several eCommerce development platforms. Some of them has been mentioned below:-

WooCommerce for WordPress

WooCommerce for WordPress is without any doubt one of the most popular platforms for online store development. With WooCommerce, you get an abundance of themes and addons.

Besides this, WooCommerce comes with complete inventory management which can help you in managing all your tasks efficiently.


X-Cart is a popular eCommerce development platform that can be used for fully customizable websites of any character or size.

It is loaded with several features that you may require for handling your online store.

The best part is that it is open source and therefore it allows unlimited customization and thus you can keep your online store up and running 24/7.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is another quite good online store development platform. It is PHP based and it uses MySQL database alongside HTML components.

Zen Cart provides support in various currencies and languages and it is an open-source platform under the GNU general public license.


Magento is another open-source e-commerce platform that is written in PHP language. It is indeed one of the popular platforms for online store creation.

Magento has more than 1,00,000 store created on its platform. The Magento platform is created through the Zend framework.


If you are looking for an open-source online store creation platform, then OpenCart is one of the finest options that you can opt for.

The best part is that it offers dedicated commercial support just in case you face any issues.


OsCommerce is a popular eCommerce management software program. It can be used with any kind of web server that has MySQL and PHP installed on it.

Besides this, it is also an open-source software under the GNU general public license.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal is one of the renowned CMS-based eCommerce platform available in the market. With the help of Drupal, an attractive eCommerce website can be created which is also quite easy to maintain.

Besides this, you can add robust and complex features to your website without the need of paying for a high software development cost.

Furthermore, it comes with an open-source architecture and therefore it can be integrated with external systems.

Wordpress WP eCommerce

With the help of WP eCommerce platform, you can sell everything anywhere. Besides this, you can easily convert your visitors into your customers with a secure shopping cart and a beautiful online store.

It houses about 36,186 stores and therefore it has become one of the reliable open source solutions for all the business owners across the globe.


Shopify is a one-stop platform with all the eCommerce features present that you may need to start, run and grow your business.

It provides a wide range of services such as marketing, payments, shipping, and customer engagement tools such that the process of running an online store is simplified.

Our eCommerce web development Process

Our affordable eCommerce website development process is segmented into various steps:-

  • We identify the product/service of the customer.
  • Further, we select the best eCommerce development platform according to the business.
  • A right web hosting platform is selected.
  • Once the website is ready, we test it properly.

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